How do I contact Paolo Italian Restaurant?
You can contact us through our contact us page or telephone us on our company number which is illustrated on the main page.

Is there a customer service department I can talk to/email?
You can send us a message through our contact us section and a member of our team will contact you on your choice / desired channel: phone, email or letter.

Can I book a table for a party at Paolino Italian Restaurant?
Yes we accept small groups, parties and business events all the way to booking the entire facilities on any given day

How do I amend my table booking?
Should you require amending your booking, you can do this simply by phoning us on our company phone number illustrated on the main page of our website

Where can I find your menus and prices?
Our menu is illustrated on the main page of our website and all the prices for the meals are on there too

Where is the Paolo Italian restaurant located?
The Paolino Italian Restaurant is located in the heart of Mid Sussex. You can find us using the 2nd sub-heading on our website which provides you with a map powered by google

What facilities are available at the Paolo Italian restaurant?
We have seating inside and out at our restaurant. There is seating for children too. There is ample parking in Lindfield, High Street and at the rear of the property in the Wilderness FREE carpark

Is Paolo Italian Restaurant child-friendly?
We love children at Paolo Italian restaurant. Children are our future!

Does Paolino Italian Restaurant cater for special dietary requests?
We have warnings on our menu for people who can not ingest nuts, and we cater for celiac’s and vegetarian and most other. Simply let us know what you can or can not digest and we will work with you to make your time more enjoyable.

Are Paolino Italian Restaurant ingredients ethically sourced?
We pride ourselves on our locally sourced produce. Our food is organic and free-range. Every order is checked thoroughly for defects so that our customers have the best possible produce.

Can I suggest a dish to go on a menu?
If you feel you need to share with us or make a suggestion for other dishes, feel free to contact us through our website “contact us” section. We are always interested in hearing from our customers on every level.

Can I work for Paolino Italian Restaurant?
Our staff mean a lot to us. Its difficult finding people who work well in a team with such passion. But of course people’s situations do change. Feel free let us know, what skill set you have and what you think you have to contribute and should something come up, we will be in touch.

Do you offer support to charities?
We offer support in our local community and work alongside people connected to charities. We are open minded and care for our local trusts and will offer support where possible.

I have a different question – who should I ask?
Go to our contact section on the main page and send us your message. We are willing to listen and answer your question and include it in our FAQ section.